Dr. Larry and his staff are amazing!!! After a few visits my hip pain wasn’t there. I couldn’t believe it. I had it for years, now it’s gone!!! Previous Dr’s had given me medications that hurt my stomach and 2 injections with no relief. Just so happy I found them.

-Elle M.

Dr. Larry is extremely knowledgeable and cares about his patients. He has helped me feel myself after years of pain and discomfort from sitting at a desk. I really appreciate his empathy and passion to help his patients.

-Tyler C.

Dr. Larry diagnosed a serious hip condition that other Dr’s including MD’s missed. After my surgery, he and his staff provided me with the best treatment options to get me back on my feet. I sent my husband for his back pain and my son for his knee pain from playing sports. Highly recommend.

-Carol G

I consider Dr. Larry a body mechanic. He is very knowledgeable and makes you feel so comfortable. I’ve seen him over the years for various pains and even numbness and tingling down my arm. Which my orthopedist recommended neck surgery for. He fixes people! Thank You Dr.Larry.

-Mark V

After my ankle replacement, I was referred to Dr. Larry by some of my co-workers. He and his staff did an amazing job with me. I was back to walking my dog and biking in a few weeks. Very pleased with their services!

-Keith O

I just finished one month with Dr. Larry and his team. I will be back to running on roads sooner than I thought. You help create a fun and friendly environment that helps people heal and feel better. Your knowledge and kindness is very appreciated. Thank You.

-Raj G.

This is a one of a kind doctor’s office! Dr. Politis is super knowledgeable about all aspects of the body and truly helps you feel better. His office is lively and fun and he remembers all details about you which never happens with any doctor I have been to. When you need a chiropractic adjustment or to do physical therapy exercises it is not a fun experience but Dr. Politis makes it fun and enjoyable!

Marissa L.