Pre-Operative Care

The AlterG® Anti Gravity Treadmill® is the latest in technology for physical therapy, utilizing the NASA Differential Air Pressure technology. The Anti Gravity Treadmill® is designed to help recover mobility, improve wellness, and enhance physical performance. From athletes to seniors, all patients can benefit from this new technology and equipment from AlterG.

The Science Behind AlterG

Backed by clinical evidence, the Anti Gravity Treadmill® can be used to treat Orthopedics, Chronic Conditions, Athletic Performance, and even Neurological Conditions. The AlterG® Anti Gravity Treadmill® uses Differential Air Pressure technology to unweight patients and athletes to enable an unprecedented level of comfort and mobility – without impeding natural gait mechanics. The AlterG® can use gently unweight users to 20% of their body weight at a comfortable pace of 1% increments. By unweighting users to 20% of their body weight, the treadmill allows patients to perform weight-bearing exercises sooner than normal to speed up the healing process and get you back on your feet in no time! Real-time gait analytics are provided to therapists and patients in order to review movement and correct any impairment quickly.

AlterG Difference

Unlike other treadmill systems, this new system allows users to exercise comfortably and freely without the restriction of a harness and uses the air pressure to create a safe environment to prevent further damage and injuries in case of a fall. The fear of falling and worsening an injury can be demotivating, but the safety of the Anti Gravity Treadmill can empower patients to move AND recover.

Even if you don’t have a prescription from your doctor, call our clinic or use this form to book your appointment today.

Post-Operative Care

Surgery is over and now you need to find a physical therapy office that understands your specific needs. Here at Epic Spine and Sports we understand the importance of soft tissue and range of motion for post-surgical patients. We have 18 years of experience rehabilitating joint replacements like Ankle, Hip and Shoulder.

We have three main goals during your care:

Increase Range of Motion to 100%

Increase Strength to 100%

Decrease Pain to 0%

Another benefit of joint replacement rehab with us is we utilize the AlterG, Anti-Gravity VIA Treadmill. Yes, most people should be full weight bearing post-surgery, but that may be a more difficult task than you think. To help insure you get your proper gait back we use our AlterG VIA treadmill to help you along the way. This amazing treadmill, developed by NASA, gives us the ability to adjust your body weight in 1% increments. So we can get you back to a perfect walking stride 1% at a time!